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Debbie van der Veen

PCM trainer

My name is Debbie van der Veen,

And I work as a coach and trainer. I have studied Law and Educational Science at the University of Amsterdam, and I am a Certified Trainer in the Process Communication Model. After a successful corporate career, I flipped my script and started focusing on people development.

With my company FlipYourScript, I work with clients worldwide to change their professional and personal lives. I have trained clients in senior positions at companies like Microsoft and Rabobank.

FlipYourScript provides seminars, team training, workshops and one on one coaching in English and Dutch.

In my training and coaching, I focus on more than just learning skills and changing behaviours; I address the root causes of these behaviours. I look at the driving motivations and the stakes at play. With me, you are going to learn to understand yourself and why you do things the way you do. You will also understand how other people operate and what the right course of action is for each of them.  

Here is what my coaching and training will teach you about yourself:

  • Your type of personality with its strengths and weaknesses
  • Your behaviours and the psychological reasons behind them
  • What motivates you and what stresses you
  • How you can manage distress and thrive more

You are also going to improve your interpersonal skills, specifically :

  • How to observe people’s behaviours and understand their motives
  • How to recognise and interact with the different personality types
  • How to adapt your communication process to the person in front of you

In our one on one coaching conversations, you can expect me to ask tough questions and push you to your limits, but you will love the results we will achieve together. Once we have determined your challenges and their causes, the path to change will reveal itself.

Ready to change your mindset and improve the way you engage with people?

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